Preventative Services

Preventative Services
Age Alliance Wales has published a paper defining preventative services and providing examples of the preventative services that AAW member organisations currently deliver:
Preventative Services 2019-20 -

Age Alliance Wales (AAW) believes that:

Older people and carers must have access to early intervention and preventative services that  enable them to maintain their health and wellbeing both when older and when growing older

The Social Services and Well-being Bill (Wales) will place a duty on local authorities to work with partners to provide preventative services, however it is not clear how the Welsh Government intends to define these services. AAW is concerned that failure to address this issue could lead to a lack of recognition of the value and breadth of services that can be categorised as preventative and to an acceptance of a narrow or excessively medical definition.
View a short film about a preventative service delivered by AAW member, Contact the Elderly

'I retired at 80 and then I went dancing.....'.
Aberdare Beading Group provides ‘a lifeline for older people living alone’
This briefing provides an example of how attending a craft activity class can limit the effects of loneliness and help to prevent the onset of ill health by providing a valuable informal support network for older people. Download.