April 22nd - AAW biannual meeting with Older People's Commissioner for Wales (Sarah Rochira).
As part of the Welsh Language Commissioner’s role under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, the Commissioner held a 2nd FREE training event at Age Cymru Offices, Cardiff.
This training was given bilingually and for those charities that were unable to attend the previous session in November, and offered practical solutions and advice to enable them to plan, develop and deliver bilingual services to the public in Wales. 
The training covered:
¢Setting the context: Welsh language awareness training
¢Assessing current bilingual provision
¢Specific advice regarding Welsh language considerations for recruitment, translation, technology and designing
¢Preparing an action plan for developing bilingual services.
As part of the training, the Commissioner also highlighted their survey ('Cynllun Hybu'r Gymraeg' - Welsh Language Progress Plan) on their website, the result of which would help indicate what organisations are providing in relation to the provisions of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011.
The training was aimed at trustees, managers, and policy officers of charities beginning to develop their bilingual services as well as those who wanted to revisit and renew their Welsh language commitments.
For more information please visit the Welsh Language Commissioner website - welshlanguagecommissioner.org