National voluntary organisations working together with, and for, older people in Wales
Mudiadau gwirffoddol cennedlaethol yn gweithio gyda i gilydd gyda, ac ar gyfer, pobl hŷn yng Nghymru
Age Alliance Wales (AAW) was set up in 2003 and is funded by the Welsh Government. It is a powerful alliance of 21 national voluntary organisations committed to working together to develop the legislative, policy and resource frameworks that will improve the lives of older people in Wales.

Collectively AAW member organisations possess extensive service development and service delivery knowledge in a range of policy areas. Most organisations also act at a strategic as well as an operational level and many are membership based.
Age Alliance Wales calls for information from Local Authority and AAW member organisation staff regarding the commissioning of social services for older people
During early 2017 Age Alliance Wales conducted a survey which aimed to capture the opinions of older people, their carers and the professionals who work alongside them of their experiences accessing support and care services since the introduction of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014. This lead to a well-received report setting out the findings and a number of recommendations for change.

We now aim to expend on that research and have therefore compiled additional online surveys, which will be available for completion until 31st January 2018.The first seeks the opinions of Local Authority staff with responsibility for, or knowledge of, the commissioning of social services for older people since the introduction of the Act. These can be found at   or alternatively if you should prefer to respond in Welsh.

A second survey, aimed at operational staff of Age Alliance Wales member organisations who have a knowledge of commissioning practices, can be found at   or for the Welsh language version.

You should be assured that all responses will be entirely anonymous, with no requirement to provide personal details.
This is the key finding of Age Alliance Wales (AAW) as it launches its ‘React to the Act’ survey results.

The survey, conducted a year after the commencement of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act, aimed to capture the opinions, experiences and voices of older people, their families and their carers, as well as the professionals in the field, on how the Act is affecting the lives of older people and their experiences of accessing support and care services.
Age Alliance Wales concludes that change is needed across Wales so that older people get the care they need, when they need it, building on the positive progress we have seen in some areas.  They are calling for a change of culture that places the older person at the centre of decision making and sees organisations from all sectors working together to make sure appropriate care and support is available.

A copy of the full report can be found here
A summary of the findings can be found here
A Welsh language summary of the findings can be found here


A 'Think-Piece' report is published today reflecting the role of the third sector in
supporting older people's health and care needs, and how relationships within
and without the sector need to develop in order to meet the rising challenge of
ageing. Working in partnership with WCVA and Age Alliance Wales, Welsh Institute
for Health and Social Care has compiled a document from a series of interesting
and thought provoking essays by leaders within the sector.  

Click here to read the Think-Piece. 

The Think Piece has since been followed by a second phase of work. This has included two further round-table meetings facilitated by WIHSC, bringing together the contributors to the original document, a number of other leaders from the sector, and senior colleagues from Welsh Government, in order to further discuss the issues emerging from the Think-Piece.

This has culminated in a second report, Support for Older People in Wales - Health, Social Care and the Third Sector: A Discussion Paper. This paper provides a 20-point summary of the key matters that came from the discussion process, structured around three areas: Funding, Current Relationships within the sector and The Future, followed by a discussion of the current situation of the third sector within Wales, thoughts on potential changes and how they may be achieved.

The discussion paper can be found here, with a Welsh language version here.

About Age Alliance Wales 
  • To represent the concerns and further the interests of older people  in Wales to policy makers,strategic planners, and funders
  • To maximise the ability of each member organisation to fulfil their role of promoting the well-being of older people
  • To work with, and for older people, through the co-operative use of the knowledge and expertise contained within the membership of Age Alliance Wales

  • To influence policy development, decision-making and service delivery to meet the needs of  older people in Wales in Wales
  • To create opportunities for networking, information sharing, and joint learning amongst members
  • To monitor trends and legislative measures affecting older people in Wales
  • To respond, comment, and make representation on strategies, policies, and consultation document that impact on older people in Wales
  • To identify and seek to address emerging issues affecting older people in Wales
  • To produce relevant information for the Welsh Government, members of Age Alliance Wales, and other interested parties
  • To seek opportunities to work in partnership in order to campaign proactively on behalf of older people

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